Karel Mladý

DevOps engineer




Czech tech person living in Brno.


Proud father of two.


Fluent in Czech and English.




I grow veggies and I read a lot.


I've been part of the web-development industry since about 2014. Take a look at the following timeline to put things in perspective

2014 eCommerce Backend

Shockworks s.r.o. - fulltime job

My first paid development job, I created an inhouse benefit scheme application, and cooperated on implementing new features to a proprietary eCommerce solution.

PHP, Nette, Angular.js

Lessons learned: versioning, 3rd party API integrations, basic design patterns

2015 eCommerce Backend

Dixons Carphone CoE s.r.o. - fulltime job

A huge culture shift. I spent my time developing new features in large and distributed eCommerce platform. Integrating new payment methods, tweaking accounting reports.

PHP, Codeigniter, Symfony, Oracle

Lessons learned: Agile methods, CI/CD usage, code others don't hate that much

2017 DevOps Engineer

Dixons Carphone CoE s.r.o. - fulltime job

Switching seats, I joined a team dedicated to supporting rest of the development teams and encouraging DevOps culture within the company. Close cooperation with Sys, DBA and Dev teams taught me to look at software development from a completely different point of view.

PHP, Python, Java, Bamboo, Bitbucket, Artifactory

Lessons learned: CI/CD administration, development from broader perspective, some Sys skills

2019 Developer

CYRRUS a.s. - fulltime job

On this job we are fighting an uphill battle against a cold grip of technological deadlock. We're factoring out features to separate services,trying to get rid of an ancient software written in a way that escapes normal means of description.

PHP, Node.js, Symfony, Vue.js

Lessons learned: Vue.js

2019 WebApp development

undisclosed - ongoing project

Classic case of client application development. I mostly work with Symfony to create admin applications for various clients on per contract basis.

PHP, Node.js, Symfony, Vue.js

2019 Architecture consultancy

undisclosed - ongoing project

I designed a software architecture for a company facing issues originating in concentrated traffic spikes of potentially crippling magnitude. I provide guidance and advice during the implementation, and also perform some SysAdmin tasks needed.

Digital Ocean, Ubuntu, RabbitMQ, JWT, FluentD, Graylog

Lessons learned: System analysis, guidance skills